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Sorbet Summer

Salento, Italy | July 2019

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Ethical Scaffolding

The Details Learn more about our Ethical Scaffolding here.

  • Made to Last

All frames and prints are shipped locally and internationally using 100% carbon neutral delivery with Shippit. In addition to making local and other considerations of materials, energy, and business output such as offsetting couriers CANVS has partnered with Carbon Click to offset emissions that are difficult to reduce or are a blind spot in the business. Please see our ETHICS for more information.

Our photographs are very personal to us collected from meaningful times in our lives and we want this to transcend to our community which is why we have chosen to offer them as limited editions. Every print and frame will arrive with a certificate of authenticity that is signed and numbered.

Every Frame is produced from scratch in our framers Melbourne workshop to a museum standard, meaning your prints will be protected for over 100 years.

In addition to hand-crafted frames, they use 3mm plexiglass - a shatter-proof, museum-grade alternative to glass that also protects your work from UV damage and fading over time.

We searched high and low for a framer and printer who work side by side in-house to minimize our carbon footprint. Not only do they share our same ethos but they have been making the highest level of quality frames for over 30 years from their Melbourne workshop. They work with artists represented by some of Australia’s best commercial galleries as well as providing framing for the National Gallery of Victoria and the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. So yep, you’re in great hands, or frames should we say. They support the local economy by employing skilled craftspeople under fair and safe working conditions to produce products that contribute to the livelihoods of many Australian artists.

Our framer uses locally-sourced Victorian ash which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC certification provides the highest level of protection for rare and endangered forests and wildlife of any existing forest certification scheme and is the only system that mandates consultation with local Indigenous Peoples.

The three frame sizes available to you have been chosen based on material size to maximize yield and minimize off-cut wastage.

Your frames are protected in Polycell EcoPure, a biodegradable bubble wrap, and packaged in cartons from 3BC stock which is comprised of 77% recycled content and 33% from FSC certified kraft fibers that are sourced from Gippsland in Victoria.

Our limited edition photographs are printed on a 300gsm 100% cotton rag, which is considered the most environmentally of photographic paper as it uses no tree fibers, instead, it is produced from a recycled by-product of the textile making industry. As a by-product, it is considered to have a low environmental impact as no cotton is grown specifically to make the paper stock.

The Challenges

To use a framer with sustainable practices was a big deciding factor on how we would run the print shop. I could not find this close to my studio in Sydney so opted to do a few things differently in order to work with our framer in Melbourne. To personally sign on the print itself would mean couriering back and forth from Sydney for each print. In order to eliminate these emissions, we decided to use a certificate of authenticity that is hand signed and numbered and attached to the back of every frame and included with each print to be later attached to the owner's frame of choice. Also to date, there is no solution to the use of foam core or plexiglass but watch this space as our framers are looking for an alternative.